Automatic Transmission Test Device (A/T TESTER)

(Automatic Translation available on Youtube)


In consequence of R&D studies during many years, we have developed an Automatic Transmission Tester, which we call A/T Tester.

It is possible to access the performance data of the automatic transmission with this device which is used by connecting to the OBD socket of the vehicle.


Connect the A/T Tester device to the vehicle over the OBD socket,

Run the A/T Tester software on the computer,

Take a test drive on the DYNO by following the instructions that will appear on the screen,

After 3-4 minutes, all the data of the performance will appear on the screen..


Hydraulic Transmission HC,
Single Clutch Transmission SC,
Dual Clutch Transmission DC,
Continuously Variable Transmission CVT


2 year one to one replacement warranty
30 days unconditional refund of money
Free Updates


What is A/T Tester and what is it not?

A/T Tester is a test device that analyzes the performance of automatic transmissions for the first time in the world and determines whether there is a malfunction, wear or misalignment. It is not a diagnostic device.

How to use ?

Secure the vehicle on the dyno. After connecting the A/T Tester to the vehicle's OBD socket, run the A/T Tester software on the computer. After selecting the transmission type, accelerate to the highest speed in the last gear with full throttle and take your foot off the gas, wait until the results appear on the screen.

Is a dyno essential? Can we test on the road? Can we test by lifting the vehicle on the lift?

We recommend testing on a dyno for safer use. Testing can also be done on the road. The test cannot be performed by lifting the vehicle on the lift.

Can we test all vehicles?

You can test the vast majority of 2005 and later vehicles. Our efforts to increase this rate continue.

Can we test all automatic transmissions ?

You can test all automatic transmissions except CVT.

Will this test damage the car ?

No. If the vehicle fails during the test, it is not due to the test, it is because the existing fault has come to light.

I'm a mechanic, do i need for A/T Tester ?

Subject matter experts can see immature failures that other people do not notice, and A/T Tester sees it much earlier than experts.

I have an auto appraisal center, what will this device do for me?

No one wants to pay more for a car than it's worth. That's why he makes the vehicle an appraisal. After a while, they will want to have the automatic transmission checked for a fee, which can cost a lot.


Note: It works in most of 2005 and later vehicles, we are working on other vehicles as well.